Jieyang city Pu Weiya hardware factory is located in Jieyang City, Garden City District Pan EastIndustrial Area of Pudong, the geographical position is superior. Is a collection development,production sale hardware series Hardware Factory-stainless steel bolt - small hinge.

The factory with a new business philosophy, focus on technological innovation, developing new products, the use of regional advantages, develop specialized skills. The ingenuity of commodities inthe fierce competition in the hardware industry, and for clients carefully to create more planning,diversified and excellent quality of the goods. Highlight the Yaoxing strength, experience is useful, be professional, customers widely throughout more than 20 provinces and municipalities, and exported to overseas. puweiya and many outstanding dealers together, with enthusiasm, to widen, founded thefruitful and active image, strong strength, agility to expand their business, to a higher user satisfaction. Now we will with unprecedented enthusiasm, together with the master's gives us theopportunity, the courage to face challenges, with our enthusiasm and strength was more brillianttomorrow.

We sincerely look forward to the support and cooperation around the dealers, together to createfashion, high quality, consumers like hardware brand.


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